exercises and games

(links to pdfs)

These first two will hopefully be printed in Noisetown II soon.

global warming (chalk board piece)

hardware store sound treasure hunt and jam

compose your commute

For a few years I  wrote a column (exercises and games) for the Canadian Music Educators Journal.  I have collected those and a bunch more into a booklet called Noisetown.  Here are a few from that.

from burnt out: short text pieces

empty repeating canvas

opposites 1: sounds in a room

the below were originally posted on creative-ed.ca

football (r. murray schafer)

sounds in a circle (r. murray schafer)

chain composing  (doug friesen, dave clark, hillary thomson, students of queen victoria ps)

pipe cleaner chorale (donna linklater)

kinesthetic solfege (jeffrey newberry)

passing names (r. murray schafer)

a graphic score (r. murray schafer)

tennis ball name toss (doug friesen)

large group chords (doug friesen)

chances are (sydney hodkinson)

hum switch (doug friesen)

hand signal (doug friesen)

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