February 21-22 – Ethnography in Education Research Forum, Philadelphia.

December 16 – CEC Monday night sits, Toronto

July 2-6 – Winkler, MB Cadenza Summer Music Week Improvising, arranging, and composing with the amazing students of this inspiring summer camp.

April (Tuesdays) – TDSB All City R and B band.  Students arrange and composer their own music for board wide ensemble and concert at Roy Thomson Hall

February 22-23 – Ethnography in Education Research Forum, Philadelphia.

January 14-18, sound/listening education course (Schafer).  Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

July 30 – August 3  Teaching sound/listening education (Schafer) at Fladem conference. Lima, Peru

July Teaching AQ course for OISE

August 9-11 lecture and workshops on R. Murray Schafer’s music education writing, Guadalajara, Mexico.

July 3 – 7 teaching group improv at , Winkler, Manitoba

March 9, 10 – 11:30 Guest teacher at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

February 3 – 1:30 -3pm workshop for teachers at Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto

November 5 – Interactive soundwalk with Niagara Falls.  Part of Ontario Music Educators’ Association Conference.  Niagara Falls, ON

September 16 and 17 – Workshop at FORMEDEM Jalisco (Foro de Educadores Musicales Mexicanos), Guadalajara, Mexico

January 11 to 15 – The Sound of Our Cities: Soundscape in Education, Forum Latinoamericano de Educação Musical FLADEM Brasil, Rio De Janeiro

April 24 and 25 – soundscape, composition and improvisation workshops for teachers in Prince George, BC

July 20 – 24, Soundscape/Schafer in Education workshops for teachers and musicians, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil  FLADEM 2015

march 17-21, teaching a “soundscape in the classroom course” with R. Murray Schafer, Mexico City. Festival link here 

july 18, World Listening Day

july 11-15, Contact Contemporary’s Music From Scratch 

june 16, 4:30 pm, community orchestra and bucket drumming year-end performance, queen victoria public school foyer

may 31, 2:30 pm, workshop/presentation on composing with soundscape, Leading Music Education International Conference, Western, London, ON (key note, Christopher Small)

may 22, 10 am, queen victoria public school bucket drummers, outside of convocation hall, u of t

december 3, 1 pm, workshop, International society for improvised music conference, Ann Arbor, Michigan

september 28, 12 pm, Toronto District School Board Curriculum Leaders

september 22, 3:30 pm, Etobicoke School of the Arts

may 15, 3:30 pm, Arts for Social and Environmental Justice, Royal Conservatory, Toronto, conference

march 29, 9 am, Music Champion Program, Royal Conservatory, Toronto, workshop for teachers

february 21, 1 pm, Royal Conservatory, Toronto, improvisation workshops as part of annual Suzuki workshop.

november 21, 7:30 pm, Banff Centre, evening of film, reading, and music with the BidiniBand

november 7, 9:30 am, workshop at RCM for ages 4-6 with Dave Clark

october 23, 8:30 am, OISE workshop

october 9, 10:15 am, workshop for itinerant music teachers, TDSB, midland collegiate institue

september 3, alternative music education workshop for TDSB teachers, Forest Hill Collegiate, Toronto

april 22, workshop for itinerant music teachers, TDSB

february 28,10:30 am, short talk/demonstration on Ear Cleaning and Improvisation at Canadian New Music Network Forum, Le Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, Montreal, QC

february 7, 2:30 – 4 pm, Ear Cleaning and Improvisation workshop at Wilfrid Laurier University, Student Association of Music Educators Spring Seminar, Waterloo, ON

october 10, 8:30am, OISE workshop, incorporating Murray Schafer and John Zorn into the high school music class

september 12, 5pm, twenty minute warm-up with YAPA program at Royal Conservatory, Toronto

june 24, 3pm, Jim Black Improvisation workshop at rosedale heights school of the arts, observation open to public ($5) – 10pm. pwyc concert at the tranzac front room (student participants and jim), jim is also available for private lessons on june 25th in the afternoon, please email for info

april 11, creative-ed/improv workshop at the royal conservatory of music

april 4, tranzac front room, 7:30, rhyst (high school string trio with guitar and drums)

march 28, tranzac front room, 10, dave clark’s woodshed orchestra

february 8, leftover daylight series, 9 pm – array space, rhyst (high school string trio) plays zorn

december 18, 8:30 ‘how to conduct…yourself’ book launch (dave clark), woodchoppers,

december 2, tranzac, rosedale group plays zorn, openning for the woodchoppers association

november 20, 6-8, improvisation workshop to discuss group creativity, doug friesen at university of toronto, music building

november 15, 1-3, music education workshop led by doug friesen, dave clark and rosedale students, university of toronto, music building

november 7, iva bittova workshop with rosedale school of the arts students

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