Music (sound) education at a distance: A case for the offline during this online push

contributors – Adelaide Beach, Katherine Fraser, Douglas Friesen, Mary Moynihan, Liz Prosser, Matias Recharte (click here for a pdf of this post) Intro As we are adjusting to what our next few months will include, music teachers are wondering what their practice might look like at a distance.  How do we run our classes fromContinue reading “Music (sound) education at a distance: A case for the offline during this online push”

sound museum 1

“Where are the museums for disappearing sounds?” R. Murray Schafer (1977) forgotten, lost, and disappearing sounds. sounds of transformation. Since Murray wrote this in The Tuning of the World technology has developed enough to make collecting, sharing and interacting with sounds easy.  Germaine Liu, Phillipe Melanson, Joseph Shabason and I (thanks to the amazing VanessaContinue reading “sound museum 1”

sound, listening and interaction

I, along with my friend Anais, went to visit Murray and Eleanor last week.  We had a relaxed afternoon which included a bit of group sound improvisations.  Murray would usually begin by repeating a rhythm, or word from the conversation and we would join in, sometimes a duo or trio and sometimes all four ofContinue reading “sound, listening and interaction”

Schafer, sound education in Rio de Janeiro

Thanks to the generous invitation of Adriana Rodrigues (an unbelievable force for anti-colonial music education in Brasil, Latin America and beyond) I just finished a week with a group of teachers in Brasil at the Conservatorio Brasileiro de Musica.  I was very lucky to have another great Brasilian music educator, Marisa Fonterrada, join me forContinue reading “Schafer, sound education in Rio de Janeiro”

Lima, Peru July/August 2018

Workshops at FLADEM 2018 LIMA.  Along with my good friends Matias Recharte and Neil Dallhoff I got to teach, walk around Miraflores and Barranco, record some waves, and interview two giants in music education:  Violeta Hemsy de Gainza (Argentina) and Marisa Trench de Oliveira Fonterrada (Brazil).

Hardware Store Sound Treasure Hunt/Jam

Find objects that make the following sound: -quick, hollow, rhythm with descending pitches as you pull -ting ting -loud clunk followed by a shift -gazonk, gaaaazooooonnk -low and quiet rumble that gradual can get a bit louder -boom, bap, boom, bap -sssssssssssssssssssss……. -rickaty rickaty rickaty, rack, rack, rack Gather it all in the back cornerContinue reading “Hardware Store Sound Treasure Hunt/Jam”

focussed listening

Listen. Reflect, breathe, journal, discuss, record What is the furthest sound you can hear? What sounds are close by? What is the quietest sound you can hear? Which sounds are noisy?  Which are “musical”? What is your favourite sound?  Which location sounds best?  Share it with others. Is there form in what you are hearing?Continue reading “focussed listening”