interactive soundwalk

On November 5th I’ll be leading an interactive soundwalk in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  It is a workshop within the Ontario Music Educators’ Association conference.

A few weeks ago I led a two day workshop in Guadalajara and last January I taught for a week in Rio De Janeiro.  Both of these opportunities have come my way because Schafer’s work is so well known in these cities and he is not wanting to travel at this point.  In both cases, amongst many other things, we performed soundwalks in the downtown areas in which we were meeting.  The teachers, professors, and musicians created fun and serious pieces based on what we heard, making comment on/interacting with the soundscape around them.  I have shied away from doing this in Canada but feel very encouraged by these experiences.

I have some ideas as to how we might interact with the sound of the falls and looking forward to hearing what the participants think might work.